"Reviens! " album was released by the end of 2012 ! It's a very intimate album that talks about the special relationship that Anthony Lilomba, the author, has with the Lord. Here are some words from the singer :

… the Holy Spirit inspired me those songs, while we were recording an album with the brothers and sisters of Kinshasa together (in Democratic Republic of Congo) … it's then that the Lord gave me grace to understand that it was time for me to record a solo album ...


Most of the songs are the expression of my heart's cry to the Lord, my most internal prayers, created by the worry of pleasing the Lord even more and in the same time this need to present the Lamb of God " Jesus-Christ ".

He's presented as our Older Brother, because that's who He is... however, this marvelous revelation couldn't had been done without the cross's work, marvelous and redeeming work that you'll discover with the Holy Spirit's help when you'll listen to the album's tracks.

And the album finished by the song named : " Comme Lot" that depict the state of every true christian living in this perverted and corrupted world, weeping every day, waiting the deliverance: the rapture of the Church (2 Peter 2: 7-8)

Some biblical verses to read while listening :

-          Grand Frère : Hebrew 2 :10-18

-          Touche un cœur : 2 Corinthians 4 :6-7

-          Reviens : Luke 15 : 11-32

-          Natalela Yo : 1 John 2 : 15-17

-          La croix : Romans 8 :1-4

To put only these ones…

In essence, this album is a real need and fervent desire of holyness that every child of God must experience.


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